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What to Expect

There is no dress code at our church. You will see a range of dress from business to casual.
Be ready ...  you may have several people greet you, whether it be as you come in the door, or during a designated "Welcome" time, or simply as you walk through the foyer. It is our goal to make you feel welcome to our worship.
You will be given a bulletin as you enter the assembly hall. There is an order of worship on the  back page and on the inside a simple outline with blanks for the lesson. Some people find the outline useful.
You may sit any where in the main auditorium...there are no "assigned" seats
One thing that many people notice is that we worship without musical instruments. This is a choice of our congregation. We encourage everyone to sing and praise God with their voices.
Children are important members of our church so we have “Kids Praise Time” (children through 6th grade are invited to participate) at the beginning of our worship to help them feel a part of what we are doing and to engage the congregation in learning from the children.
During our worship we eat what we call the “Lord's Supper” or Communion. We do this every Sunday and welcome all believers to participate no matter what their faith background.
A collection will be taken every Sunday. This is a time for our members to support the ministries of this church. As a guest there are no expectations for you to give.
A Biblical message will be given by our preaching minister. It is intended to encourage and teach. If you ever have questions about the lesson it is quite acceptable and encouraged for you to ask the minister.
Our worship is led by members of our congregation.  Though deeply committed and trained, they are not 'professional' worship service leaders, but heartfelt people of faith.

The evening is casual - both in dress and in format.
We begin as a group at 7pm with prayer requests and a prayer.
The various Bible Classes for children and adults begin immediately following the prayer, and end at 8pm.